memorial in tribute to Doski Azad in Germany

Kurdish LGBT+ activists hold memorial in tribute to Doski Azad in Germany


Kurdish LGBT+ activists based in Cologne, Germany, have held a memorial in tribute to Doski Azad, the 23-year-old transgender woman that was killed by her brother as part of an “honour” killing.

During the past week, social media users and LGBT+ activists have expressed their anger at Doski’s murder by participating in the Justice for Doski Azad campaign on social media platforms. The campaign started on January 31, after police announced they discovered the body of a transgender woman who had been killed three days prior to the announcement.

Yeksani has been providing extensive reporting on the case. In a statement to Yeksani, Shirin Quraishi, an LGBT+ activist, told Yeksani that, even though she had a lot to say about the case, she would be focusing on the improper reporting by Kurdish media on Doski’s case, using transphobic terminology, incorrect pronouns, and refusing to refer to Doski as a woman.

Peshkoo Zandi, an LGBT+ activist, told Yeksani: “Doski’s case must reach a conclusion, as as it would in any other part of the world. The killer is still amongst us, coming and going, and nobody is even aware of their identity,” he added, “the murderer is not one person, it is the system which raises the murderers.”

Zhiar Ali told Yeksani: “the hashtag campaign was in preparation of something much bigger, we will not stop until we get justice for Doski. These senseless murders have to stop.”


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