Former Miss Kurdistan: I Am Still Waiting for the Murderer’s Arrest

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Former Miss Kurdistan: I Am Still Waiting for the Murderer’s Arrest

ژیار عەلی

Published on Feb 09, 2022


Monday February 7th, 2022

As part of the Justice for Doski Azad campaign, Yeksani has been reaching out to influential individuals in Kurdish society to obtain comments regarding Doski Azad’s murder, the 23-year-old woman who was murdered by her brother, Chakdar Azad, in Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan. Reports show that Doski’s murderer had fled the country, some authorities think he is hiding somewhere in Turkey, others think that he had fled back to allegedly either Belgium or Germany.

The former Miss Kurdistan of 2018, Sanna Mahmod, had previously made her support clear in a firm statement to an online LGBT+ magazine: “I support human rights, and [LGBT+ rights] are human rights,” she stated. She made a similar statement about women’s rights before adding “human rights do not have and should not have differences between anyone, [no matter] the sex [or] sexual orientation, humans are humans.”

In an exclusive interview with Yeksani, Sanna reiterated her support for the community, and expressed her concern over Doski’s case.

“Have you heard the news about Doski Azad’s murder? What were your thoughts?”

“Yes, I [heard]. I know I haven’t spoken about it, but I was really sad. I was happy to see there was a lot of talk about Doski’s case on Kurdish social media, I want these cases to be talked about more, and I am still waiting for the murderer’s arrest! [Also], I want [Doski’s case to be mentioned more by] Kurdish politicians. [Unfortunately], this only shows why the Kurdish LGBTQ community has to stay hidden,” she added. “She did this because she wanted this, she felt beautiful in her new skin, but someone, who is allegedly from Germany, came to end her life.”

“What do you think should be done to prevent such crimes from occurring in the future? Do you think the KRG has taken enough steps?”

“Absolutely not! They are not even doing the minimum. The Kurdish LGBTQ community does not feel safe or protected and that is what they need; safety! I am afraid that the person who should be prisoned as the law state [sic] will not even be arrested and justice won’t be met because the KRG does not prioritise [these] kind of [crimes].”

“There is a chance that the person in question will even go back to ‘Germany’ unbothered, even though KRG has great power and can stop that, I hope we continue to fight this since Germany is a supporter of the LGBTQ community, ‘Germany’ has the ability to arrest, revoke his citizenship and even deport him back. Justice need to be served and changes need to be made.”

It is worth noting that it is not confirmed whether Chakdar Azad is or was in Germany. The Kurdish authorities have not been transparent about the killer’s background. While they did reveal that he was living in a “European country” for the past 8 years, they never revealed which country that is. They also never released any pictures of him so the public can assist the investigation.

“In your opinion, what could have been done more differently in the efforts to pursue the murderer?”

“We have good security, the KRG are strong and have the ability to find and arrest the murderer. They need to prioritise this case! Show the people that they are actually here for us, start acting!”

In a previous interview, Sanna sent a message to the LGBT+ community: “My message to the people of the Kurdish LGBTQ community is to stay strong. There is still a long way to go.” She finished her statement by reinstating the importance of education on this subject, while at the same time, saying that activists should be careful on how they work on this very sensitive social issue, as “our society is still dangerous and violent” to LGBT+ individuals.


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