About Us

The best way to end LGBT discrimination is through education and awareness. Yeksani is committed to providing information and resources to help promote equality and acceptance for all.

Yeksani is

A platform working to counter negative media bias on LGBT+ topics, raising awareness on the LGBT+ community in the Kurdistan Region through media advocacy, as well as consulting LGBT+ individuals to write about and report incidences LGBT+ individuals face.

Yeksani was created to combat the lengthy hate campaigns the LGBT+ community has been facing in Iraq, partly due to improper media representation.

Through the power of media advocacy and awareness-raising, Yeksani strives to eliminate confusion around topics concerning the LGBT+ community, and pave the way for a more tolerant society. Yeksani is the successor of Lava Association, which had been active from 2017-2020.


Yeksani exists to empower LGBT+ individuals in Iraqi Kurdistan, raise awareness about the LGBT+ community, and counter media bias on sexuality-based topics.


We envision a just society and peaceful future where everyone feels protected, LGBT+ individuals are treated fairly and are free and accepted.


Our culture is embodied through our basic principles. What we do, how we operate, and who we are. We believe that our ideals are essential to our future success.