transgender woman commits suicide

A Transgender Woman Commits Suicide After Sex Reassignment Surgery Prevention

Yesterday, human rights organization Hengaw reported that a 20-year-old transgender woman named Rebwar Ibrahimi, who resided in the disputed Kurdish city of Mariwan, Iran, took her own life after being denied access to gender reassignment surgery


According to the report, Rebwar’s family had sought guidance from a Mullah on whether transition was permissible in Islam, to which they were told it was not. As a result, her family did not permit her to undergo the surgery, which left Rebwar depressed and isolated. Hengaw reports that some of Rebwar’s close friends have confirmed this.

This news comes shortly after the murder of trans woman Doski Azad by her brother, Chakdar Azad, in Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Transgender individuals and other members of the LGBT+ community, including intersex individuals, face marginalization in the region. While gender reassignment surgery is technically permitted in Iran, social and religious norms have made transitioning difficult for transgender individuals. Those who choose to challenge the societal stigma surrounding transgender identities are often advised to conceal their identities from the general public.


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